We are so glad you asked! An endowment is established when donors consciously build a reserve for the purpose of creating a financial bedrock for an organization. The principal can’t be spent unless the donors or a court says so, but the income from that principal is what we use to create the grants we give out annually.


Another great question. The word we use is perpetuity. The money donated will bolster The Women's Legacy Fund long after our existence. That’s a powerful motivator...contributing to something that will do good long after you gave! 

the Women's Legacy Fund

Established in 2003, The Women's Legacy Fund is a permanent endowment held at The Community Foundation San Luis Obispo County. It is the only endowment fund in the county that targets the needs of women and girls alone. Only the earnings will be spent each year, allowing
the Legacy to contribute to the community
over time. During 2015, the Women's Legacy
Fund Endowment surpassed the Fund's goal
of $1 million dollars!

In just a short amount of time, the Women's Legacy Fund has been embraced by the community with support from more than 328 Legacy Leaders each contributing a minimum
of $1,000 to the fund. Legacy Leaders all have
a voice in determining the focus of grants that
are distributed each year.

Why a Women's Legacy Fund?

Based on compelling data both nationwide as
well as in California, the need for a fund in San Luis Obispo County focusing on the needs of women is apparent.

Grants from the fund support organizations
that assist women and girls to strengthen their physical, emotional, intellectual and financial well-being. Each year the Fund's Advisory Committee identifies a focus area for grant making from the broad fields of economic independence, basic needs, safety, reproductive health, education and mental health.

Legacy Leaders participate in establishing
priority issues within the focus area for that
year and have the opportunity to review and evaluate grant proposals.